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Czech ready-made company


Start a business immediately.

a business with a so-called ready-made company is the fastest way to launch
your business. Instead of establishing a company which normally takes about 3
weeks, you can start a business with a ready-made company on the day of signing
the documents.

company that is already registered in the business register. The company has a
VAT identification number and a VAT registration number. It is established for
sale. The company has no liabilities, which we contractually guarantee. The
possibility of company adjustment and personalization according to your needs.
Without the need for lengthy registration as a VAT payer, which, together with
the establishment of s.r.o. (Ltd.) takes approximately 6-8 weeks.

We provide:

  • company which you are buying
  • preparation of the documents for the company transfer
  • documents prepared by a certified lawyer
  • submitting a change record to the Business Register
  • company transfer in 24h! 

We guarantee:

  • indebtedness of each transferred company
  • documents and statements from the Tax Office which confirm the company´s indebtedness

Ready-made company

VAT payer

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