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Slovak ready-made company


Start a business immediately.

Starting a business with a so-called ready-made company is the fastest way to launch your business. Instead of establishing a company which normally takes about 3 weeks, you can start a business with a ready-made company on the day of signing the documents. In case you choose to buy a ready-made company registered as a VAT payer, you will save another month or more and nullify the probability of a tax collateral which can go up to € 500,000!

Within the scope of our services connected with the sale of ready-made company

We provide:

  • company which you are buying
  • preparation of the documents for the company transfer
  • documents prepared by a certified lawyer
  • submitting a change record to the Business Register

We guarantee:

  • indebtedness of each transferred company
  • documents and statements from the Tax Office which confirm the company´s indebtedness

Ready-made company

VAT payer

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